About Us

Bison Head is a family-owned business with products inspired by the love of travel, adventure, fitness, and the desire to empower others to live an active, healthy and joyful life.  We strive to create quality products but with a twist...the design!  Maybe you enjoy going for hikes, running, walking, biking, or working out at home or the gym.  Maybe not but would like to.  Either way, our hope is that you enjoy it just a tad bit more with our unique and colorful designs. 

Our family's journey started in 2019, when we decided to finally act on our day dreams. Within a few short months, we had sold our house, bought a 5th wheel camper, transitioned over to 'road schooling', and started learning how to work more remotely. Even with all the uncertainty and having to learn so much about tiny-living-on-wheels, we haven't looked back (other than to park the RV!).  This may not be your 'day dream' (we get it, no worries) but we gotta ask....what is yours and how are you going to get there?  Let us know!

Every one of our products are meticulously designed and tested by The Engineer, The Certified Personal Trainer, and 2 very inquisitive kiddos.  It is important for us to have our children work hands-on in the business, to teach them about having integrity, hard work ethics, interpersonal skills, determination, grit, resilience, compassion, discovery, and faith.  To be able to pass this on to them is our ultimate goal.

Staying active is an integral part of fully LIVING.  It is not only for the obvious physical benefits, but imperative for the mind and spirit as well.  We pray that through our products and life journey, that we can inspire and EMPOWER ACTIVE LIVING!

Blessings y'all,

Cory, Tamera, Bryson & Willow